Creative Discovery is a Christian based child care center/preschool located in Auburn, Alabama. We believe children learn best through active exploration of their environment and experimentation with materials, ideas, and language. We provide many opportunities for children to make choices, ask questions, express themselves creatively, and interact with both children and adults.

The children are introduced to a balanced program of interaction with friends in both teacher directed and child directed experiences. The daily schedule includes free choice of time spent in the learning centers, group times for creative movement, music, storytelling, and dramatization. Field trips may also be a part of the children’s experiences. Our program is child-centered and based upon the belief that play is the best way for children to learn. Children are active constructors of knowledge. Development and learning are the results of interactive processes. Play gives children opportunities to understand the world, interact with others in social ways, and express and control emotions. Play provides children a way to practice newly acquired skills, take on new social roles, attempt challenging tasks, and solve complex problems.

Creative Discovery opened in August 2004 after a dream of one of the owners, Staci, to have a safe, clean, educational, age appropriate center for local children. Staci and her parents, Carl and Sandy designed and built Creative Discovery according to the need of the children in Auburn. While the owners are still involved with the business, they have a loyal Director and Assistant Director, Angela Lee and Wanda Simmons, handling the day to day operations of Creative Discovery.